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We stand by the quality of our work

Luis Banchero


For 20 years, Luis Banchero has exercised the art of upholstery in Boca Raton with high quality service and respect to the community. His customers joyfully delight in watching their furniture transform with fabrics' and accessories that are treated with great care and respect. Luis caters for all customers with the same privilege, giving priority to his customers' decorative feeling. He absolutely understands that every project is personal and that is exactly how they are treated, giving forward the best effort on each piece.

In 2010, Luis had a change that allowed him to improve in the quality of his services and gave many satisfactions to a number of decorators, clients, architects, designers and friends who sought and continue to seek his expertise. Every day Luis thanks each and every one of them, as he says:



Sofas, chairs, cushions, walls, beds; so many pieces he has worked on and remembers the very special moment his hands have transformed each piece to a beautiful new creation. To Luis it's not just any pillow, any sofa, or any chair. Each piece of furniture is YOURS and holds a dear spot in your home. With the help of new high quality fabrics, vinyl, and leather, Luis is able to design a new personal identity to each piece of furniture, bringing a new scenery into your household. The art of upholstery is simply the combination of the threads with the exact colors to give particular inspiration. That understanding is enjoyment and it gives Luis an enormous smile to see his product bring new light into your home. 

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